June 20, 2017

World Refugee Day: Employer Champions Investing in Refugee Talent

The Syrian Refugees Jobs Agenda Roundtable brought together representatives from different sectors in the Greater Toronto Area – business, government and non-profit organizations – all focusing on identifying employment opportunities for Syrian newcomers and matching their talent to the needs of employers. On World Refugee Day, employer champions from the Roundtable are sharing their success in recruiting, hiring and benefiting from the Syrian refugee talent on their teams.

BDC Internships: Breaking Down the Barriers to Refugee Employment

The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) created internship opportunities to help former refugees access the labour market, and quickly realized the initiative helped BDC expand its business networks to untapped markets. Delivering on their commitment to diversity as a strategic imperative, BDC has created job opportunities for former refugees and new learning opportunities for staff: recognizing refugees as talent first, and refugees second. Read more

[Interview] Construction Trades Program: Innovative Partnership for Refugee Employment

LiUNA! Local 506 serves a diverse group, and considers itself one of the most multicultural unions in North America. The Syrian refugee population represented an untapped talent pool, and LiUNA! responded to their specific needs through an innovative partnership with ACCES Employment to create a program that would meet labour market demands, while providing a pathway to employment for Syrian refugees. Read more

For RBC, Refugees are an Untapped Talent Pool and Strategic Advantage

Commitment to diversity and inclusion means looking at potential talent and skills of all diverse populations, including refugees. RBC moves from understanding to action and looks to community organizations to build trust with refugee communities to engage in workforce planning and hiring diverse. Read more

Starbucks and the First One Thousand

For the coffee giant joining Hire Immigrants’ Syrian Refugees Jobs Agenda Roundtable is about having an impact on refugees’ lives by helping them succeed in their new homes. Starbucks wants to create opportunities for job ready candidates and will use their tried, tested and true ‘high touch’ approach to have a positive impact. Read more

Scotiabank – Understanding Your Customers from the Inside Out

From on-site language support, to working with community partners to access refugee talent, and leveraging the resources from the Syrian Refugees Jobs Agenda Roundtable, Scotiabank welcomes refugee talent and offers its employees opportunities to build and learn leadership and coaching skills. Working and supporting diverse new clients and employees is part of the banks corporate culture and there is no downside. Read more

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